Healthcare Reform Is Passing One Way Or Another

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A deadline has been set and it looks like something will be passed by the middle of October.

Also, at that point, it won’t need 60 votes to pass. Just a simple majority will do.

Who here thinks that the man in the picture is the one organizing it all?

From New Republic:

The reonciliation instruction specifies a date. That date, according to one congressional staffer, is October 15. (The original House reconciliation instruction had a late September deadline.)

In other words, the House and Senate each have until that day to pass health care legislation.

If they haven’t, then both houses will consider health care under the reconciliation process, which is relevant primarily for the way it affects the Senate. There will be a limit on the time of debate. Republicans won’t be able to filibuster it.

This is surprising for many reasons, not the least of which is many Blue Dog Dems didn’t want to use to reconciliation process because it appears divisive.

But as the article goes on to point out, Obama apparently agreed to some “Pay As You Go” rules so no new additional spending can be approved without cutting other programs or finding new revenues.

More as it develops…