Tea Parties In Full Swing

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Regardless of what I might think of how they were started, promoted or whether or not they’ll last, it’s always a good thing when Americans peaceably unite to protest. Thankfully we’re lucky enough to have those rights and, as we all know, rights are best when exercised often and vigorously.

Also, I understand the anger over the bailouts. I genuinely do. A lot of “T”s haven’t been crossed or “I”s dotted. And when there aren’t a lot of answers as to the whos, whys or hows, frustration is inevitable.

Again, all of this is certainly within the protestors’ rights, but anybody who doesn’t admit that Obama inherited this mess is playing fast and loose with the facts. And I appreciate that they think he’s going down the wrong path, but where are the alternative plans? All we’ve seen so far from the Republican leadership are tax cuts that would destroy social safety net funding around the country. Or, in other words, all we’ve seen are plans that are completely unrealistic.

And riddle me this…what are the tea partiers for? What are their ideas? We know what they’re against, but they haven’t been effected AT ALL by the government’s bailout of the banks. I also find that there’s a basic lack of recognition that the financial system a) can’t be allowed to fail and b) this was caused by unregulated, unchecked free marketism. So I find it disingenuous that these protests are even being likened to the Boston Tea Party when our forefathers acted because of genuinely prohibitive grievances that were effecting their daily lives. And they protested again and again and again for years and years and years.

So yes, my guess is a genuine populist storm isn’t truly brewing yet, and if conservatives think it’ll happen after today, they’re kidding themselves. Also, if this Tea Party crowd truly wants to make an impact, they better realize that they’ll have to stand out in public places with signs for months on end, and that’s certainly not something most conservatives are use to. Because one big media hit isn’t going to do it. In fact, it could very well hurt them because all subsequent protests will most likely be smaller.

And, let’s face it, we’re seeing a lot of nutty anti-Obamaism at rallies today and that’s unsustainable. Because eventually the serious folks will be turned off and simply not show up.

Those are my thoughts.

What are yours?