AMA Delegate In Obama Witch Doctor Flap

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Anti-reform advocates are the gift that just keeps on giving. Take the case of David McKalip, who sent the above image out to his email list.

Does he genuinely not understand the implications of distributing trash like this? Because not only is it guaranteed to get out to the broader media, it also seriously undermines any arguments be brings to the table. And for a member of the American Medical Association’s House of Delegates to do this? Does he seriously have this little common sense?

Here’s more about Mr. McKalip:

He’s the chair of the Florida Taxpayers Union, the founder of Doctors For Patient Freedom, and anti-health-care-reform group, the president of the Florida Neurological Society, and an all-around anti-government activist who has appeared at events with GOP members of Congress and whose op-eds opposing reform have appeared in the St. Petersburg Times.

He’s also a member of the American Medical Association who has been quoted by reporters for the Associated Press, Business Week, the Palm Beach Post, the Tampa Tribune, and the Florida Sun-Sentinel opposing health care reform and taxes.

Listen, I’m a pretty reasonable person, but I’m starting to have a hard time believing that a fair amount of these anti-government folks aren’t closet racists. I obviously hate to paint with the broad brush, but as more and more of these stories pop up and you see all of those posters at the Tea Party rallies…ugh. Trust me, I want to think better of those folks, but they keep giving me reasons to not.