Fox News’ Coordinated Attempt To Discredit Al Franken

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Listen, I thought they should have done a revote in Minnesota, and I said as much on this blog. But nearly every single court decision went Al Franken’s way, and that’s just how it went down. Norm Coleman lost.

And when I watch the following inanity, I genuinely wonder if the folks at Fox News simply don’t care anymore about being anything but a mouthpiece for the RNC.

By the way, I count more than twice as many notable Republican politicians who were former celebrities than Dems. Actors include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Fred Thompson, Ronald Reagan and Sonny Bono. Sports stars include Tom Osborne, Steve Largent, Jack Kemp and Jim Bunning. Can you name anybody on the Dem side except for Bill Bradley, John Glenn and now Al Franken? I can’t think of anybody else who was genuinely well known other than those folks, but feel free to add others in the comments section.

But hey, whatever. It’s Fox.