Franken To Follow Hillary Clinton Route To Credibility?

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So, Franken has finally won.

Now comes the hard part: establishing credibility.

Read the rest at True/Slant.

  • http://stubbornfacts.us Simon

    He needs to establish credibility? I thought your position was that he already had credibility (one must assert as much in order to argue that Fox news is trying to discredit him).

  • http://sidewaysmencken.blogspot michael reynolds

    I think I can number the US Senators with credibility using just my two hands.

    No, wait, just needed one.

  • http://stubbornfacts.us Simon

    Michael and I can surely agree on that.

  • http://sidewaysmencken.blogspot michael reynolds


    Specter and Bunning on your list too?

    Okay, I can’t even write that with a straight face.

  • the Word

    Franken has far more credibility than Fox. They are trying to get him down to their level. Luckily it isn’t conceivable anyone could get that low.