Republican Congressman Takes On Birthers…Sort Of

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You have to feel for Rep. Mike Castle. Because dealing with loons like this has to make him question what’s going on with the Republican base. Especially when everybody starts clapping for the birther and booing Castle when he says Obama is a citizen.

And then she convinces everybody and pledge allegiance to the flag!

Seriously…watch it…

When I say “sort of” in the title, Castle tried not to alienate the woman, but if you don’t cut off folks like this immediately they’ll dominate the conversation…and she did.

I mean, do these people genuinely think that the presidency was stolen from a foreigner and they have to literally take it back? Because you add stuff like this with the revolutionary talk of the Tea Parties and you’ve got a very dangerous mix.

By the way, who were these people calling traitors again? You question a war and you’re a traitor, but you question the president’s citizenship and you’re a patriot?