Joe Biden Quotes of the Week

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“It’s not just a congresswoman. This is bigger than Debbie. This is bigger than me. I promise you: If the Republicans succeed in knocking off these new bright stars … What do you think the chances [are] for the kind of reform we need for that little 3-year-old beauty in the next four to six years?” (8/19/09 – Chicago fundraiser)

Gesturing to a 3-year-old girl listening to his speech may have been a cheap trick to tug at our heart strands and an overly emphatic way of making his point. (Do you think the Republicans want to block 3-year-olds from health care?) Yet the Chicago audience ate it up. Halvorson faces an uphill battle against a National Air Guard pilot/former commissioner, a farmer and an activist/church TV show producer. I guess you’d really have to be embedded in Chicago politics to understand why someone with 12 years in the state Senate and a year in the House would be so nervous that she’d have to call up Biden for support. Then again, maybe Biden is just that cool to “hang out with.” 

On another note, it’s interesting to see the same old battle royale is starting up again, fear mongering and all, which makes us roll our eyes recalling about all that silly talk about “bipartisanship” during the primary season. Barack Obama may be a fair-minded individual, but he’s certainly ready to play hard ball, especially when his batter is Joe Biden and he’s got Nancy Pelosi on first, Kathleen Sebelius on second and Rahm Emanuel on third. 

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