The Joker + Barack Obama

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… equals JObama? The Jaracker?

If you haven’t seen these posters yet, they are apparently sprouting-up in and around Los Angeles as a type of street art, a la Shepard Fairey.

But here’s where the ‘joke’ falls flat: Obama is nothing like the Joker.

[and this is where you discover my nerdliness]

Anyone who is a fan of The Dark Knight (comic books or movies) knows that what’s striking about the Joker character is that he is an anarchist. He describes himself as an ‘agent of chaos’. These qualities are the antithesis of socialism.

If the Joker were a rabid socialist, he would have attempted to destroy Gotham City in the name of an all-powerful government. Instead, he was trying to destroy the city and in the process he nearly takes down the government as well (by using many of its own employees no less).

Barack Obama, by contrast, is a calm and collected character (publicly at least) and is not prone to fits of crazed rage and violence. He is not an anarchist, rather a community organizer.

Oh, and Obama is not white — but I’m not going to delve into the racial over/undertones here.

So, what have we learned here kids? Basically, the artist(s) who created these posters do(es) not understand the Joker (or Batman lore for that matter), socialism or President Obama.

…unless of course they were simply trying to say that ‘Obama is a joke’, in which case I would have used slightly different imagery.

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