Glenn Beck Can’t Answer Question About “White Culture?”

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One of the most intellectually dishonest political commentators is at it again.

What’s weird is his reason for not answering the question. Basically, he says there’s no way he can define “white culture” without getting himself in trouble. And that begs the question…why make a statement that claims Obama has a deep seated hatred for it? I mean, if you’re defending white culture, why would there be any reason to not define it?

Check out this cringe inducing video…

Let me clue you in to what Beck means when he talks about white culture: money. Because by making these idiotic claims he can tap into a small, but dedicated base of folks who think that the white culture is under attack from all sides and they’ll buy his books, watch his TV show and listen to his radio screeds.

In the end, Beck’s certainly no dummy, but if he’s not smart enough to navigate a simple interview with Katie Couric, well, he’s probably not long for this media world.

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