Three Good True/Slant Blogs To Add To Your List

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First, E.D. Kain of The League of Ordinary Gentlemen and New Majority has started up a new health care policy blog over at True/Slant called American Tory. It’s a must read in only its first week.

Then Bill Dupray of DC Republican Examiner and Patriot Room gives you political horse race analysis from the conservative perspective on American Conservative. You’ll see me sparring with Bill often on how 2010 will shake out, so don’t miss the fireworks.

Last, but certainly not least, Rick Ungar (formerly of Culture 11) presents The Policy Page, a blog focused on health care from a very informed, liberal perspective.

All are worth your time, even if you have none to spare.

  • http://www.ordinary-gentlemen.com E.D. Kain

    Thanks for the shout-out, Justin!