Uh, oh, “virus” infected NY-23 computerized voting machines

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A local newspaper in upstate New York’s 23rd Congressional District, scene of the hard-fought and nationally prominent special election (won — so far anyway — by the Democrat after his Conservative opponent conceded), reports that a computer virus may have “tainted’ the results:  

GOUVERNEUR, NY – The computerized voting machines used by many voters in the 23rd district had a computer virus – tainting the results, not just from those machines known to have been infected, but casting doubt on the accuracy of counts retrieved from any of the machines.

So, after three candidates spent a gazillion dollars tearing each other to pieces and their battle was played out on the national stage by every pundit in the land, the computers may have eaten the votes.  

I hate it when that happens.

Hoffman conceded to Democrat Bill Owens on election night when the reported results had him trailing by more than 5,000 votes, and Owens was quickly sworn in as a member of the House of Representives. Recently, though, Hoffman “unconceded” (odd as that may be) when it turned out that he was behind by only about 3,000 votes with the absentee ballots outstanding.

As of earlier today, Politico declared Hoffman out of the running again, as the counted results showed he could not possibly win. But who knows now what lies inside the “infected” machines?

This should serve as a warning to candidates in close elections: never, ever concede until the votes are actually counted!

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