White Voters Disenchanted With Obama?

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In the past week, Obama’s approval rating has finally slipped below the 50% mark in Gallup’s daily tracking poll.

Gallup Daily_ Obama Job Approval

The reason why?

His support among white voters has fallen from 61% to 39%. And that could be a big problem as he looks towards 2012.

Or is it such a big problem? Or a completely manageable one?

Looking at Gallup’s exit polling from the 2008 election, we see that Obama lost to McCain among white voters by double digits.

True, Obama’s approval among whites is still 5 points under the 44% who threw their support behind him last November, but that’s the story…Obama’s “approval” has really only dropped 5 points among whites who voted for him.

Long story short, if these voters weren’t planning on casting a vote for him anyway in 2012, well, there was little he could have done in the first place.