Sen. Webb to Obama: Hold on a Second!

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ABC News affiliate WHSV in Virginia is reporting that Sen. Jim Webb, D-VA, has sent a letter to President Obama expressing concern over some statements regarding the upcoming Copenhagen conference:

Dear Mr. President:

I would like to express my concern regarding reports that the Administration may believe it has the unilateral power to commit the government of the United States to certain standards that may be agreed upon at the upcoming United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference of Parties 15 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The phrase “politically binding” has been used.

Although details have not been made available, recent statements by Special Envoy on Climate Change Todd Stern indicate that negotiators may be intending to commit the United States to a nationwide emission reduction program. As you well know from your time in the Senate, only specific legislation agreed upon in the Congress, or a treaty ratified by the Senate, could actually create such a commitment on behalf of our country.

I would very much appreciate having this matter clarified in advance of the Copenhagen meetings.


Jim Webb
United States Senator

Senator Webb, often described as a politician with a independent streak, has not hesitated to speak out against other Obama Administration decisions. That independence earned him a reputation for being either rude or courageous (depending on your point of view) during the last administration.

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