Bill Clinton Is Having Another Affair?

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I usually don’t get into the politics or personal destruction because, to me, what’s between two people and their relationship is between those two people.


The war room within a war room dismissed or discredited much of the gossip floating around, but not all of it. The stories about one woman were more concrete, and after some discreet fact-finding, the group concluded that they were true: that BIll was indeed having an affair — and not a frivolous one-night stand but a sustained romantic relationship. …. For months, thereafter, the war room within a war room braced for the explosion, which her aides knew could come at any moment.

When politicians are running for office they represent the hopes and dreams of millions of people…and they have a duty to not be reckless. In this case, it’s not necessarily the politician but a high profile spouse who’s continuing to do incredibly dumb things. However, if Hillary is turning a blind eye to Bill’s wandering one, well, she’s responsible too. And this one of the biggest reasons I was so against the Clintons getting back into the White House. Because Bill can’t be trusted and is therefore a huge liability.

True, Hillary should be commended for getting this far, but the only way she’s going to gain enough momentum to break through that glass ceiling is if she loses 200+ pounds of Bubbaggage.