Romney Leads 2012 GOP Party Insider Poll

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Mitt Romney

And by a very large margin.

Hotline On Call breaks down the numbers…

Mitt Romney: 81 points
Tim Pawlenty: 46
John Thune: 38
Haley Barbour: 28
Mitch Daniels: 25
Sarah Palin: 25

Note how far down Palin is on that list. That’s because, as noted, this is a poll of party insiders and they really don’t like her.

So what do Dem insiders think? Once again, Mitt’s a hit…

Romney: 29%
Thune: 15
Pawlenty: 13
Daniels: 11
Gingrich: 6

By the way, where did Huckabee go? Did the tragic Maurice Clemmons incident really hurt him that much?

Also, what’s with John Thune jumping to the top of the pack all of a sudden? If Mitt is a shoo-in for the GOP nomination in 2012, would Thune be a good running mate?