Scott Brown: It’s not Teddy’s seat. Try before you buy.

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This moment from the Massachusetts Senate debate is getting a lot of play:

Gergen served up a softball and Brown knocked it out of the park.

“It’s not Ted Kennedy’s seat. It’s not the Democrat’s seat. It’s the people’s seat.”

If Brown wins, this may be the moment that put him over the top. Over a million dollars flowed into his campaign coffers in the 24 hours after the debate. The Democratic party establishment took note and sent out a call for cavalry. Of course Big Union is riding to the rescue. But in the meantime, while Coakley is measuring the drapes in Washington D.C., Brown is on the ground in Massachusetts.

Watching from afar out here on the left coast, I have a hard time believing that Massachusetts would elect a Republican to finish Ted Kennedy’s term in the Senate. It seems as unlikely as unseating my Representative Nancy Pelosi or Senator Barbara Boxer in the upcoming mid-terms. Just not a good bet.

There were some interesting insights on this election in the comments to Frank’s post on the race. In terms of prognostications, I’ll defer to our man on the ground and agree with Kranky. The Dems may get a scare, but on election night Martha Coakley will prevail. As Nick points out, all this national attention and the tightening polls should serve to motivate the rank and file Democrats to get out the vote. Excitement about their candidate being heretofore the very thing that is missing from the Democratic campaign. Scott Brown is givng them the gift of panic excitement.

That said, Scott Brown is doing some very smart things. Challenging Massachusetts voters to rethink the notion that this senate seat is an entitlement of the Democratic Party was exactly the right thing to do. In addition, he is soft pedaling the commitment required by voters, noting there are only three years left in the term. Saying in effect – Just try it out for while. If you don’t like it you don’t have to buy. Very smart salesmanship – first deal with the objection, then make it easy to sign on the dotted line.

It will still be a miracle if he pulls it off, but if he does I’ll have to change my prediction for 2010. Who knows? If the GOP can pick up this seat, four more seems reasonable, and if Joe Lieberman gets tired of his abusive relationship with the Democrats, well, that means a new majority in the Senate in 2011.

Dare I even dream the impossible dream? Replacing Barbara Boxer with Carly Fiorina?

If Brown can win in Massachusetts, anything can happen.

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