Welcome to 2010: Year of the Independent!

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While Dem and Repub parties are bleeding members, ranks of independents continue to rise…

The nation’s foremost ballot access expert Richard Winger continues to wage a formidable effort against the popular open “Top Two” primary referendum that will be on the June ballot in California. While I’m on the other side of the issue, I appreciate Winger’s point about the open primary not being a guarantee of electing so-called “moderate” candidates. IMHO open primaries might be “bad” for parties, but they are good for independent voters and for our democracy, and I’m not particularly interested in controlling the ideological outcome of elections. I have infinitely more faith in the American people than I do in the corruption of our political parties to guide our country forward. Do we the people need to develop politically? Yes. And because we are a democracy, WE collectively with all our differences have a much better chance of leading the country forward than do factional partisan special interests.  >>>>>

And while California will be voting on a citizen referendum, the Republicans in Rhode Island are following their partisan brothers who have sued the state of Idaho to close the primary there and require partisan registration. Independent voters are co-defendants in this important case that will go to trial in February or March.  >>>>>

EXTRA! EXTRA! Revolution Breaks Out in Colorado! – Not since the Western Federation of Miners has there been such an outbreak of spirited independence as what we are witnessing now in Colorado. Today’s backdrop is an increasingly anti-partisan and independent electorate, a stupidly partisan Congress and a beloved President who can’t seem to win for losing (his Party loyalty straining credibility on all fronts….); today’s battle cries are “Open Primaries!” “Non-Partisan Elections!” “An Independent on the Federal Elections Commission!”  “Watch these two women Joelle Riddle and Kathleen Curry — they’re cooking up quite a puzzle for the good ol’ boys’ clubs in a delightfully independent state!  >>>>>

The Hankster was in attendance for the New Year’s Day inauguration of Mayor Mike Bloomberg, New York City’s first independent mayor.  Here’s to nonpartisan municipal elections in the Big Apple! >>>>>

(In case you’re not acquainted with The Hankster, have a look — there you’ll find lots and lots of news and opinions relevant to independent voters.)

Happy New Year!