Selective Editing

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Keith Olbermann of MSNBC recently editorialized that the Tea Party movement was devoid of “people of color.” The rallies I have seen on my local news show a good mix of what I think is meant by the term “people of color”, including blacks, hispanics, Pacific islanders and asians. But I do live in the most diverse state in the nation, and it would be hard to find any meeting of “pure white” people in this state.

Nationwide, the Tea Party movement has attracted minorities. And I suspect the percentage of “people of color” in the movement matches the percentage of “people of color” who are libertarians or conservatives in the country. I suspect Keith is informed by his own network’s video feeds, which may not feature anti-big-government minorities because they aren’t newsworthy; it doesn’t feed into the stereotype of white southern racists who want a return to Jim Crow laws. Or perhaps he just isn’t paying attention:

Randy Haddock provides his own carefully edited video response to Olbermann:

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