Jon Stewart reports on the Goldman Sachs hearing, financial reform and the elephonkey

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Perhaps the best reporting on yesterday’s hearing:

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The report is also notable for Stewart’s report on the demise of the Elephonkey.

While “Elephonkey” is clearly a far inferior neologism than our own Donklephant, I think Justin should consider adding this Stewart quip to the blog masthead:

“The elephonkey donklephant is a genetic monstrosity whose every moment of existence is unbearable agony.” – Jon Stewart

  • http://westanddivided.blogspot.com/ mw

    Another item that surfaced in the hearing yesterday touched on a lingering unresolved controversy here at the Donk.

    Given the free and frequent use of the word “sh*t” and “sh*tty” by our representatives in the most deliberative body in the world, notably Senator Carl Levin and Justin’s own Senator Claire McCaskill – And considering that these words were broadcast unedited and uncensored on C-span, CNBC, and other cable outlets – I think it is time to once again revisit the JPG.

    I have long championed the excretion of these words from the constipated Donklephant curse word prohibition policy. What say you? Is it time to update this outdated prohibition policy?

  • http://donklephant.com Justin Gardner

    If it’s bleeped on Comedy Central, it’s bleeped on Donklephant. :-)

    Love the Elephonkey shout out!