Do you ever wonder how other countries see our 2012 presidential selection process?

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I’ve come to the conclusion that the future of all mainstream media news is Taiwanese animation. This piece from NMA News in Taiwan explains our 2012 presidential election prelims to a Chinese audience.

What is truly frightening (or sad) – Without understanding one word of Chinese, I completely understand every single frame in this story.

  • Chris

    That is awesome.

  • http://itsthe21stcentury.wordpress.com Jim Satterfield

    I love the bit with the electronic dictionary and “refudiate”.

  • Pat K.

    I am afraid Ms Palin has turned it into a circus, complete with animals …not long for this earth, if she has her way. What does she have up her sleeve to entertain us with is 2012? Scary, eh? By the way, can someone tell us all, what is her IQ?