Gallup: Obama’s Approval Among Independents At 38%

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With the discouraging employment numbers coming out earlier this week (even though the unemployment rate dropped) and the seeming unpopularity of many of the administration’s positions, this isn’t necessarily surprising news.

Here’s the graph…

18 points in one year is a hell of a drop since it represents more than double the drop among Republicans. So, obviously, this doesn’t bode well for the upcoming elections.

Or does it?

Seems like the generic Repubs and Dems are essentially tied. So, as with most elections, the politics will be local and what will matter most is the mood on the ground…not at the national level.

Basically, Obama may not have much influence on the results when all is said and done. Still, having the swing voters on your side when the midterms hit is always a good thing.

More as it develops…