Poll: Obama’s Healthcare Reform Opposition Waning

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As this issue becomes less politicized, more folks seem to warm to the legislation.


To me this is encouraging. Of course, we all know there are problems with the legislation that passed, but I think we can also collectively agree that the current system is completely unsustainable. So some type of fix had to be made, and Obama made his move.

Personally, I didn’t think it was smart politically, but I respect that he was able to at least draw some support from the other side of the aisle wit the compromises he made. After all, politics is the art of the possible, not the ideal.

Here’s more from Wash Post:

Opposition to the landmark health care overhaul declined over the past month, to 35 percent from 41 percent, according to the latest results of a tracking poll, reported Thursday.

Fifty percent of the public held a favorable view of the law, up slightly from 48 percent a month ago, while 14 percent expressed no opinion about the measure, according to the poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

The approval level was the highest for the legislation since it was enacted in March, after a divisive year-long debate. In April, the poll found 46 percent in favor and 40 percent opposed.

But wait…what do independents think?

Well, they’re more in favor than they were…

Independents, who can tip the balance in elections, split 48 percent to 37 percent in favor, compared with 49 percent to 41 percent a month earlier.


The intensity of opinion among this group showed little change; just less than a fifth expressed a very favorable view, and just more than a quarter expressed a very unfavorable view.

So some in the middle have switched to the undecided column. That’s net win for Obama and Dems, regardless of the unfavorable view.

And that begs the big question: do we really think that Republicans can run on “Repeal It!” this year or in 2012?

I think not.

What do you think?