MO Says NO To Mandatory Healthcare

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Proposition C passed by 70% last night and that has a lot of folks wondering if more states will follow suit to get initiatives like these on the ballot during times when vote turn out is extremely low.

The answer, of course, is yes. Similar initiatives will be on the ballot in Arizona and Oklahoma later this year. And I’d be shocked if they didn’t pass overwhelmingly too.

From NY Times:

“My constituents told me they felt like their voices had been ignored and they wanted Washington to hear them,” Jane Cunningham, a state senator and Republican who had pressed for a vote, said Tuesday night. “It looks to me like they just picked up a megaphone.”

The referendum, known as Proposition C, was seen as a first look at efforts by conservatives to gather and rally their forces over the issue. In the end, though, the referendum seemed not to capture the general population’s attention. Instead, Republican primary voters (who had the most competitive races on Tuesday) appeared to play a crucial role in the vote’s fate.

By the way, guess what else passed by 70% in Missouri during the exact same primary election 6 years ago when Republican turnout was high.

Still, will this ultimately mean anything? My guess is no. Because federal law will trump this vote.

However, one can’t say for certain until the courts have their say.

More from NYT:

Practically speaking, it remains entirely uncertain what effect the vote will have. The insurance requirement of the federal health care law does not come into effect until 2014. By then, experts say, the courts are likely to weigh in on the provision requiring people to buy insurance.

“While we’re disappointed that Missourians didn’t vote against this, we think the courts will ultimately decide it,” said David M. Dillon, a spokesman for the Missouri Hospital Association.

More as it develops.