What Are The Best Indy/Centrist/Moderate Blogs?

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Solomon Kleinsmith, who is a contributor here from time to time and just started a great new site The Rise Of The Center, has put together a list of indy/centrist/moderate blogs you should check out.

Here’s a taste:

The Pragmatic Center – Nick Goebel, who I’ve chatted with a bit, has his head on straight. His blog is a mix of common sense political talk on national and Michigan state politics.

Third Party and Independent Daily – This site doesn’t just stick to centrist type stuff, as any third party groups are discussed, but there is a lot of great coverage of smaller stories you don’t see anywhere else, related to those on the front lines of the war against the two party system.

POLI-TEA – Probably the site out there that is most like mine… so of course I think its great! haha… Almost all really in depth discussion. Its a must read.

Centrist Zealot – I only came across this one a few days ago, but its already one of my favs. Schmitty, one of the two man team that runs Centrist Zealot, have chatted a bit and he’s really got his head in the right place. CZ is a lot more… snarky than Rise of the Center, but the content is good.

So, what are your favorite reads around the middlesphere?

And how about in the rest of the blogosphere? Not all liberal and conservative blogs are awful. What do you check out from time to time?