Gallup: Dems & Repubs Tied in Generic Ballot

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What a difference a week makes, at least according to Gallup.

The key graph…

However, the enthusiasm gap remains the same.

Repubs are excited and Dems not at all. You’d think that Independents would be less enthused, but Dems are downright depressed at this point and in midterms it’s all about GOTV. If the preference is split and the enthusiasm isn’t there on the Dem side, it could be a bloodbath.

Here’s Gallup’s bottom line:

The latest Gallup update on 2010 voting preferences marks the first time in over a month at which Republicans have not held an advantage among registered voters on Gallup’s weekly generic ballot update. This shift, coupled with the fact that Democrats led on the measure earlier in the summer, shows that voter sentiments are not immune to change. Hoping to prove this, Democrats from the president on down are gearing up to maximize their chances of keeping party control of the House, just as voter attention to the campaign is increasing after the Labor Day weekend.

The most telling polls are still a month and a half off. As we get closer to the elections, we’re sure to see a clear trend.

More as it develops…