O’Donnell Wins In Delaware. Democrats Rejoice.

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Public Policy Polling explains…

Republicans more than likely cost themselves a Senate seat last night. Chris Coons begins the general election in Delaware with a 50-34 lead over Christine O’Donnell. Mike Castle would have led Coons by a 45-35 margin.

While O’Donnell may have ingratiated herself to Delaware’s small group of registered Republicans over the last month she’s turned off everyone else. An August Daily Kos/PPP poll in Delaware found her favorability rating at 23/33. It’s now 29/50.

Very lopsided unfavorable numbers this close to the election? Think she can turn that around? Highly unlikely.

So what did Republicans (or, more accurately, Tea Partiers) in Delaware throw away last night? A super easy pick up. Now a lot of moderate Republicans will be backing Coons as a protest vote against O’Donnell…

If Castle had won he would have received more Democratic support than any other Republican Senate candidate in the country. Now our polling suggests with O’Donnell’s victory that Coons will win more Republicans than any other Democratic Senate candidate in the country. That’s because of a general unwillingness to support O’Donnell from Castle’s moderate base- folks from the centrist wing of the GOP are planning to support Coons 54-31.

By the way, O’Donnell’s opponent Mike Castle will not be endorsing her.