Why Did Beck Lie About George Washington Inaugural Address?

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Listen, it’s not like I’m necessarily surprised, but to make such a dumb lie?

Here’s what he said…

“I have been going to Mt. Vernon,” he explained. Holding out his hands for emphasis, he declared with emotion, “I went to the National Archives, and I held the first inaugural address written in his own hand by George Washington.”

So what really happened?

Well, he was near George Washington’s inaugural address…but that’s about it…

Beck did receive a special VIP tour of the archives, arranged by an as-yet unidentified member of Congress. During that tour, he did get a peek inside the “legislative vault,” which isn’t open to ordinary visitors. But Archives spokeswoman Susan Cooper insists that Beck didn’t lay a finger on any precious documents, much less George Washington’s inaugural address. That would be a major violation of policy. “Those kinds of treasures are only handled by specially trained archival staff,” she explains. Cooper acknowledges that someone at the archives did show the document to Beck, but that was the extent of it.

Examples like this just makes me more and more convinced that while these folks are getting plenty of attention now, this is not a sustainable path. They’re obviously liars and will say and do anything to get people to pay attention…which will ultimately result in the the wrong type of attention and their credibility imploding.

And that’s why I put that picture of one of the rally attendees up on this post. Not because I want to pick on her, but because folks like her actually need to be educated about what people like Beck are doing to them. These media personalities don’t really care about the country. And yes, I will say that I think Beck is pretty much craven and self-serving here. Because when you so easily lie to tens of thousands of people about something like the above…on the anniversary of MLK jr’s historic speech…and on the exact same spot…it’s not hard to draw a straight line between the lie and the motives for that lie. Glenn Beck cares about Glenn Beck being famous…and that’s about it.

But hey, feel free to disagree and convince me otherwise. I double dare you.