Buckshot: A Look Back At The Week That Was

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Buckshot bitch

I don’t usually do this…you know, write columns recapping all the great stuff that happened here at GunShyAssassin.com this last week, but this week was no ordinary week. And in case you’re new here and didn’t see all the awesomeness we brought you this week, here’s just a quick look back at what went down here at GSA, which we hope you’ll bookmark — in the off chance you already hadn’t.

First, on Monday, we brought you the second installment in Black Dahlia Murder frontman Trevor Strnad’s exclusive column, “Deadspeak.” This week, Trevor brought us lyrics to a song that at least one reader plans to cover…a song about the morning after a long night of imbibing. Just wait until you see what Trevor’s got cooking for you next week. Jesus H. Mustaine, it’s gonna be awesome. Then, Sirius XM Liquid Metal’s Zeena Koda — in “Ask A Bombshell” — answered your questions about stank breath, gay stuff, and answered the perennial question: Are guitar lessons worth it? My good friend Ryan Adams — a.k.a. The Goat, His Emissary from Ipsissimus — checked in to let us in on his latest obsession: the band Ghost, which Mercyful Fate fans will fucking love. Wait — just wait until we hear from The Goat next week. Bless my fuck!

And on Thursday, we brought you the first column from original Killswitch Engage frontman and current Times of Grace and The Empire Shall Fall frontman Jesse Leach. It’s called “Check Your Head” and Jesse calls on all of us to say nothing if we have nothing good to say. He’ll be checking in again next week, so keep checking back for more wisdom and prose from Jesse.

Oh, and Full Blown Chaos frontman Ray Mazzola’s new column “Ray’s Rant” debuted. But rather than a rant, we got some respect from Ray for our nation’s veterans and the men and women who’re serving our nation now. It’s awesome, and you should check it out…just like you should see the band on tour, now.

Lastly, Misha from Periphery told us all about the band’s upcoming EP and told us he loves P.F. Chang’s. Guy from The Red Chord told us that Today Is The Day’s next record will be recorded by Converge’s Kurt Ballou. Rad! And Born Of Osiris guitarist Lee ripped into Black Veil Brides in our latest Gun Shy Interview.