Raul Castro Could Reform Cuba

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Many thought that there would be no difference between him and his brother.

Well, if he keeps his promises…boy were “many” wrong.

From Ahram Online:

For the first time since he and his brother came to power more than a half century ago, President Raul Castro proposed term limits for Cuba’s leaders, admitted that errors have left the country with no obvious successor and promised to rejuvenate the island’s political class.

The term-limit proposal made Saturday at the launch of a key Communist Party summit would make it all but impossible for a repeat of the Castros’ own political dynasty, which has dominated Cuba since their 1959 revolution. But it would have little practical impact on Raul’s future.

The 79 year-old leader officially took over from his brother in 2008, meaning he wouldn’t be term-limited out of office until at least 2018, depending on how the law is written.

Castro promised to launch a “systematic rejuvenation” of the government.

Also, looks like Cuba is finally embracing capitalism…

Many economic proposals have been debated for months, after Raúl Castro announced last fall that half a million Cubans would be taken off state payrolls. Many of them will be allowed to establish private enterprises.

Obviously this doesn’t excuse any of the things he has done as the brother of a dictator, but it certainly signals a significant change and that shouldn’t be discounted.

More as it develops…