The RNC’s New Microsite

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The Republican National Committee has launched ObamaGetAway.com/ObamaDebtWatch, where you can find (and get embed code) for this dandy little debt ticker:

Obama Debt Watch

Now, as I talked about earlier this week, I think that the line-of-attack that the President “is absent” because he’s on vacation is plain wrong:

To equate vacation time (within reason) with work ethic would be a mistake, particularly as it relates to one of/the most stressful jobs on the planet. And, as Frum points out, the President never really gets a vacation.

That said, the little debt watch embeddable thing is effective. You copy & paste into your blog/site and the rapidly increasing number really gets the viewer’s attention.

Afterthought: visit the ObamaGetAway.com/ObamaDebtWatch site and you’ll notice the beach theme (because the President is on vacation silly). Along with that visual, there is some background noise. It appears that the GOP wanted to go with a beachy-sounding effect — but honestly, the sounds just make me want to pee…