Space Lords GWAR Take Over the Showbox on November 8

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If you are looking to stretch out your enjoyment of Halloween frights and gore you are in luck. Legendary, and scary, heavy metal band GWAR brings their motley collection of space aliens and monsters to Seattle with a show at Showbox SoDo on November 8. If you have never heard or seen GWAR you simply have not lived.

There was a time when rock fans all had seeing the Grateful Dead on their bucket list. Those days are long gone and the Dead have been replaced by GWAR. Any self-proclaimed rock fan should not live out their days without experiencing GWAR at least once.

Before you don your tie-dyed t-shirt and head to the Showbox you should be warned. GWAR probably would enjoy chewing up Dead-heads for breakfast.

Is GWAR a heavy metal band? Most certainly, but they go way beyond the leather crotch-grabbing of most metal bands. GWAR is equal parts metal and theatre.

Formed in the late 1980’s, GWAR’s members, led by lead singer Oderus Urungus, sport elaborate costumes depicting mutant space aliens, and the action on stage is as wild as the music. As they blast through their set their members act out scenes full of shock and gore.

They claim to be cosmic outlaws banished to earth, and are hell bent on the destruction of the human race. To that end, executions and decapitations are common scenes played out on stage. If you dare get close to the stage be prepared to be showered with what we hope is fake blood.

GWAR does record their music and are currently on their “Return of the World Maggot” tour, which you should catch before their earth banishment is lifted and they return to… wherever it is they are from.

To get a taste of what GWAR sounds and looks like, here they are performing ‘Let Us Slay’:


GWAR is supported on tour by Every Time I Die, WARBEAST and Ghoul. Tickets to the GWAR show at the Showbox SoDo can be purchased here.

You can also see a preview on October 27, as GWAR will appear on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.