Dillinger Escape Plan Guitarist Accosted On Stage By Complete And Utter Douche Nozzle

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Ben Weinman

That’s right, folks.

Ben Weinman — who happens to be a guitarist for the very awesome Dillinger Escape Plan, in addition to being a super cool dude — was accosted on stage in Dallas last week by a complete and utter douche nozzle.

While playing piano during the band’s performance of “The Widower,” aforementioned douche nozzle — who was seemingly hammered — jumped on stage and “jumped on Ben, causing him to fuck up,” according to one description.

Ben doesn’t take too kindly to douche nozzles just touching him, and really doesn’t take took kindly to someone fucking with his music, so he does what anyone of us would have done: He fucking pushed the dude hard, and somehow ripped his shirt off, leaving him shirtless — his douche nozzle manboobs free for all the world to see.

Watch the following video, and learn this, my friends: Ben Weinman will not be taking any of your shit today, tomorrow, or fucking 80 years from now. Comprende?

Towards the end of the song, frontman Greg Puciato — seeing the shirtless douche nozzle — starts to laugh to himself.

“We have T-shirts for sale in the back,” Greg says, pointing. “It looks like you could use one.”

  • Desolationmax

    Ben once bashed my skull in with the tuning peg of his guitar during ‘Sunshine the Werewolf” in Seattle last year, leaving me bleeding profusely all over the venue. It was one of the greatest moments of my life.

  • Gipson

    I was there, and it was amazing. On Dillinger’s Facebook the next day the people referred to it as “Widower (Dick in the Crowd Remix)”. Video’s been removed, but I assume it doesn’t include the part when, a little bit later in the show, the crowd and bouncers worked together to throw the douche nozzle out of the club while Greg taunted him, saying “You’re missing your time to shine, dude. We’re about to play a song for you.”

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