This Week In The GOP VEEPstakes…

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vice president 2012 “What goes up must come down,” as the old adage says. Mitt Romney was flying high like a kite on a windy day for so long, that it’s reasonable to assume he would have a hard time captivating the nation’s attention until election day. To be fair, Mitt still seems the most electable candidate in the race and it’s likely he will continue his lead, despite what these so-called “opinion polls” believe. Yet, with Herman Cain bowing out of the race, it seems a surge of voters have swung over to the Newt Gingrich camp. There is an undercurrent of people in this country whose slogan is “Anybody But Mitt.” In fact, there is a whole website about it. Newt Gingrich has emerged as the “Conservative” darling in the race. Despite his sordid past (that includes every bit of salaciousness as Herman Cain’s), Newt has been so off-the-cuff about it that it doesn’t seem to hurt him all that much. We’re still a long way from the finish line, so it’s hard to tell who will be whose VEEP just yet, but the main presidential contenders are all talking about it this week. As the campaign drags on, some of the candidates are changing their tunes from “I’m in it to win it” to “Uh, sure, I’d take #2. Who wouldn’t?” Others have too much pride to accept second fiddle after having come so far. It takes a special kind of person to be a sidekick.

– Rick Perry Still Doesn’t Want It.

If you recall, back in July, Perry told The Houston Chronicle, ““I think you kind of go, ‘vice president, governor of Texas…’ ” (Imagine Perry mimicking a scale with his hands as he says this.) “John Nance Garner had a pretty handle on that” (when he infamously said the job of VP “isn’t worth a pitcher of warm spit.”) Despite his ailing campaign, Rick Perry hasn’t changed his tune on the #2 job in the land. He recently asked Wolf Blitzer on CNN, “Why would you leave being governor of the state of Texas to be vice president?”

– Michele Bachmann Sets Her Sights on Trump & Santorum.

Michele Bachmann declined The Donald’s invitation to appear in his December 27th debate (which is perfectly understandable… a debate two days after Christmas? What kind of Grinch is Donald Trump anyway?) Yet, Trump felt personally insulted by her cold shoulder. “I’m very disappointed [in] Michele Bachmann,” Trump told radio host Don Imus on Friday. “She’d come up to see me four times — four times, she’d call me, she’d ask me for advice. She said I should be her vice-presidential, you know, if she wins she’d like me to think about me for the vice presidency.” Trump for VEEP? Really? It could have been an epic disaster. Rumor has it, Trump spent hours robo-calling for Bachmann, but declined to say he endorses her (because, truthfully, he hasn’t) and when she caught wind of that, she refused to participate in his debate. “Unbelievable. It’s actually called loyalty. How do you do that?” Trump grumbled. On Wednesday, Michele spouted off her shortlist of VP contenders, which included…

  • Rick Santorum
  • Donald Trump
  • Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina
  • Marco Rubio of Florida.

She is reported as saying, “We’ve got a lot of wonderful candidates who would fit that bill. Easily comes to mind I think would be Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina. Marco Rubio of Florida certainly would be in that category. There’s a lot of great people out there. And Donald Trump is someone that I think a lot of people would be intrigued with, too.” She told Fox News’ Greta van Susteren, “I think that Rick Santorum is a wonderful man personally, but also, I think that he’s very gifted when it comes to the area of legal issues. I think I could see him as an attorney general. I think he’d do a great job. I haven’t talked to Rick about that, but I think he’d be wonderful, or another cabinet position.”

– Newt Gingrich Will Always Be There For Romney.

Gingrich named Mitt Romney as one of his VEEP shortlist candidates in no uncertain terms. “I think the consensus is that he’d certainly be on the list, whether he’d want to or not,” Gingrich said. “He’s a very competent person. This is a very serious man. I would certainly support him if he became the Republican nominee.” So, in essence, if Newt gets it, he’ll ask Romney to be VP. If Romney gets it, Newt wants him to know he’s available for the #2 spot.

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