John Strachan’s Doomed: 6/28/2012

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John Strachan's Doomed

It’s been a stretch since we’ve heard from our pal John Strachan, but don’t hold that against the Early Graves and Funeral Pyre frontman: He’s a busy dude. We appreciate his taking the time to update us on his goings-on with this long-awaited fourth installment of Doomed

So, this has been one crazy year, 2012. A lot has changed, a lot more will be evolving, and yet, I am armed with a new positive attitude and a smile.

Sounds unlike a metal head, right? Well, maybe it’s because at 28-years-old, I’ve made another stride towards my personal and mental health. That’s what I realized — my mental health was in shambles. It’s a hard battle to fight, but continuing on with that battle, there has been somewhat of a light at the end of the tunnel. Not in some religious way, cause that would never happen, but I guess just understanding why you choose certain paths.

Sounds pretentious? I’m sure it does, but it’s not meant to come off that way.

With the life changes that have happened this year, I’ve learned that there is a lot more than just your “career.” Well, to me anyway. Putting myself in a situation to succeed in my own right, not by anybody others. Why wasn’t this always a priority? I have no clue.

You give yourself in every way for something you fully believe in, but when that passion goes away, it’s time to take another step towards another goal I may have in mind. While there have been some financial setbacks, I couldn’t be in a better place personally.

Man, this is the MOST uplifting article I have ever written. Having said all of this, I feel better as a whole, and am super excited about what’s happening currently! So we’ll change the pace.

Both Early Graves and Funeral Pyre are super hard at work; well Early Graves is working a bit harder currently, to bring you new music, new shows and just new everything. In the Early Graves camp, we are just about to head into the studio to record the band’s third album, which I’m not going to mention the title of here.

But a title will surface sometime — sooner rather than later. We’re going to be heading into Louder Studios with Tim Green and our spirits couldn’t be higher. Even though this record has been just as, if not more, stressful than any record any one of us have been a part of before, we feel that we’re bringing you — THE ONES WHO SUPPORT US — a quality album.

I won’t say it’s great, I won’t say it’s amazing; I’m just going to say that at this point, I really enjoy listening to our demos. You have to be your biggest fan, but in a non-narcissistic way. Funeral Pyre is chugging along, doing our thing, writing, playing and hating. Definitely the usual for us.

Finally, the last part of this seriously useless post. My little vinyl label, Forest Moon Special Products has a couple of cool things going on. The first, we have finally released the Oakhelm Echtra vinyl and it looks and sounds amazing. If you have not heard this band and you’re into black metal with a wee bit of folk elements (I mean, it’s very miniscule but adds to the whole entity of the band), then you need to go pick this up, NOW.

It’s available at my web shop here. Second, we are also really proud to announce that we will be putting out the record for the Tucson, Arizona, grind band Diseased Reason, which features members of these notable acts: Noisear, Plutocarcy and Inoculara.

It’s going to be such a badass release, I cannot stress this to you enough. So, if that tickles your fancy, head on over to the Forest Moon site and stay up to date with all our happenings! Also, if you have twitter, be sure to get on board and follow: @early graves @thefuneralpyre @forestmoonprdct.

So, with all this gibberish behind me, I hope to write a few more articles with more relevance than this one. Until then, everyone keep your head up and I’ll see you all around the country very soon.