Zakk Wylde Still Talking About Pantera Reunion

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Zakk Wylde

No one wants Pantera to reunite more than Zakk Wylde.

If they were to, then Zakk would likely have another decent gig — as the stand-in for someone unstand-inable.

“I’m friends with all the [former Pantera members],” Zakk says in a new interview at PureGrainAudio.

Phil [Anselmo] called me up when they did that ‘Metal Masters’ thing. [A guy] who does security with us, he came over and said, ‘Phil just wanted to say ‘Hey.’ He wanted to give you a call.’ So I said, ‘Yeah, tell Phil to call me whenever he wants.’”

Of course.

“So I got on the phone with Phil and I was just shooting the shit with him. He goes, ‘Zakk, everyone thinks there’s a rift [between us].’ I said, ‘Phil, I get along with everybody.’ He said, ‘I wish I could talk with Vin[nie Paul Abbott]’ and this and that. So I said, ‘Dude, just pour your heart out and talk to him.’”

Zakk says it’s up to Pantera’s surviving members whether the band ever plays again.

“Put it this way: If they were, like, ‘We’re gonna do this’ and they asked me to play Dime’s guitar parts, I’d be honored. I was a pallbearer for him, so he was my brother, man. And I know if he was on the side of the stage watching me play, he’d be laughing his balls off — that’s just a fact. He’d go, ‘Hey, jackass, you missed a couple of notes over here. You botched this one up,’ or whatever. He’d love every second of it. But, of course, I’d be beyond honored to do that; why wouldn’t I? But that’s a call the guys [have to] make.”

I know Zakk and Dime were close, so it makes sense.

Still, a huge part of me thinks Pantera died with Dime, and reviving the band — even with a string of amazing guitarists joining the guys on stage, each one playing a different track — would just tarnish Dime’s legacy and that of Pantera.

What do you folks think?