Suicide Silence Selling Official Mitch Lucker Memorial Tee

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The Mitch memorial tee

We told you yesterday to stop buying all of those unofficial, unsanctioned Mitch Lucker shirts off eBay.

We hope you did. But really, if you’re a Suicide Silence fan, how could you pass up the chance to own a whole closet full of Mitch Lucker memorial tees.

I say buy whatever clothing you want.

If you care about supporting the child Lucker left behind by drinking and driving a motorcycle, go here.

According to the site, all proceeds from sales of the shirt will go towards an education fund setup for Mitch’s daughter, Kenadee Lucker.

It’s been nearly a week since Lucker’s death.

I wanna know how the fuck it is that Mitch gets a better designed tee than Peter Steele, and had half the impact?