Perversion Exclusive Song Stream: “The Origins Of Horror”

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Pillars of the Enlightened

Head to the end of this post if you know what’s good for you.

There, you will find a song from Pillars of the Enlightened, the forthcoming album from Perversion, a fixture of the Dubai scene since 2006.

This is death metal, plain and simple. The song you are about to hear — “The Origins of Horror” — is a fucking monster.

The band boasts Mahmud Gecekusu (formerly of Nephelium), and like I said, the song destroys.

If you dig death metal, this will fuck your face off.

Perversion’s debut, Pillars of the Enlightened is set to be released by Blast Head Records on July 30.

The band’s shared the stage with the likes of Hate Eternal, Grave, Suffocation, Vader, Origin and Exodus.

The band is currently writing new material for their second album which is expected to be recorded by the end of 2013.