Condoleezza Rice – Ms Spy Destroying Dropbox?

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One of the oldest cloud computing services is Dropbox. Unfortunately, it began to have serious problems with public opinion.

Dropbox has made several announcements last week, some of them were related to adoption of cloud computing services, and partly to address those who want new products. The biggest problem on this service but currently comes from a different direction.

American Company officials have sparked hatred and frustration among internet users putting Condoleezza Rice in one of the posts of director of the company. In her youth, the lady in question was on the basis aggressive spying format established and implemented by the NSA – the National Security Agency. Also from the post of Secretary of State while Bush gevernment, was instrumental in the propagation and application of new intelligence measures in all directions. She introduced controversial measures in prisons and als the mass phone records.

A petition has already been created on the subject at, where a significant number of users threatening to close their accounts if Ms. Rice will continue to be on Dropbox payroll. Although its merits are recognized even by the creator of the petition, “extremely brilliant and a career full of accomplishments” have to find work elsewhere. Hashtag #DropDropbox earn interest on Facebook and Twitter and doesn’t seem to stop until it reaches its goal.

As a detail, there is a good chance that this aggressive attitude of Internet users to satisfy in time, but I am very reluctant it will happen now.

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