Goat Simulator: Fun Filled Game

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Goat Simulator is a simulation game developed for Windows PC that will be released on 1 April 2014. You play the game as a goat and control it. You can run, jump, and yes, lick with your long tongue. You can get it from April fool’s day onwards for $9.99 on Steam. What started as a joke on internet was picked up by Coffee Stain Studios and developed into a game. It is a physics based game and still very rudimentary as the goat can perform nothing more than running and jumping and licking. You can of course ruin the environment or the setting that you are exploring by ramming your head into objects.

Forget about being constructive as you can only break things
Goat Simulator looks and feels like an old school game but here you are notGoat-Simulator creative but destructive as ramming your head is the only way you explore things. However, if you become tired of breaking and destroying things like cars, footballs, trees and walls in this game, you can spend some time with the Easter eggs. You can also defy gravity and comedown walking from the walls in this game that borders on insanity and absurdity.

Explore the world with your long tongue
If you are not satisfied with jumping and licking, or even ramming your head into hard objects, there is a point system that will keep you interested. You are rewarded for hitting and destroying things around you to keep you happy. Your primary mode of attack is a fierce kick with your hind legs. You hit when you are angry and lick when you are happy as it is your only way to interact with the world. You can make the goat, or self, go limp at the click of a button in the game.

Play the game for all the fun it brings to you
If you think goats are funny and you also think that bugs are a part of any videogame, then you will certainly like to play this new video game called Goat Simulator. At first glance, you would find Goat Simulator physics based demo game with the most bizarre character to play as in a video game. Yes, ramming your head against a box does not require any talent but when you drag a human being on to a treadmill to be thrown up in air, it can be real fun.