Why does South Korea have better internet connection speeds than the US?

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South Korea boasts of having the fastest internet connection in the world. This is about to get a lot faster with the introduction of 5G connections. According to an internet research firm, it holds a whopping 55% advantage over the US. But how does this Indiana-sized country manage and sustain undefeated speed records? And why does South Korea have better internet speeds than USA? Here are the different reasons to this. Better competition Countries that have very cheap and fast internet speeds tend to have more competition among its consumers. In the US competition among companies which provide broadband connections is predominantly slim. Many people have to only choose between a cable company and a telephone company when they sign up for an internet connection. However, in South Korea the choices are quite varied. Even though there is not really good data on the number of broadband providers the average consumer can gain access to, it is obviously more than that within the United States. More competition means that South Korea really improves in terms of connection access and speeds. Cultural differences There are distinct connection differences between the Super-connected South Korea where more than 94% have high-speed internet connection and only 65% in the United States. This can be due to the cultural differences in internet access. For instance, you can find broadband hooked up housewives who have been taught to make use of the internet in their daily lives. Similarly, parents in Korea tend to have a culture on placing high value on education and viewing such connections as crucial necessities for their children. This cultural difference means that Korea has a stable and better demand for fast Internet connections, unlike that in the USA. This therefore leads to more telecommunications companies that strive to offer better connections. Political culture Difference in political policies within South Korea and United States has also led to a difference in internet connection. The United States has a more controversial country than that in South Korea. The power of regulation bodies to provide better policies to promote fast internet growth is not quite strong in the US. Closed versus open networks Open networks have created a huge role in creating fast and cheap internet connections. The open network is that for a fee, internet providers share the cables that enable internet signals into people’s homes. Companies that build these network lines oppose this type of sharing. Governments like that of South Korea and other European countries have embraced this infrastructure sharing. This has created many new companies that can compete in the broadband market. The US however, does not require that its broadband providers share their lines, this means that it could lag in terms of competition among broadband providers within the market. None of these factors are individually responsible for the dazzling speeds of the fast internet connections in South Korea. By combining these factors, South Korea is set at a rapid pace in terms of internet development. Likewise, the thing that could set South Korea apart is in how long and hard they have worked to build an excellent internet connection system.